Rates, Services, and Locations

I believe in a society organized for the free association of humans, instead of for the production and accumulation of capital, where all people, regardless of ability, will have access to what they need.

In my private practice I work to fit into this model the best that I can.  I know that some people who need work the most cannot afford to pay very much or anything, and that others are able to find means of payment when treatment is crucial to their healing.  For this reason, in my private practice I offer a sliding scale for clients. Please see more details below under “Services”.  While living in capitalism, I aim to earn enough to continue providing care for others and to care for myself.

Services and Techniques

*For most clients, a combination of techniques will be most appropriate.  I work by performing an assessment with each client individually, an initial assessment can last from 10 to 30 minutes.  We discuss what modalities might work best, and I let my hands find what works, in conversation with my client.  Clients can be as dressed or undressed as feels appropriate for them and will always be draped appropriately regardless.  I may offer suggestions based on what type of work seems most useful; for example, cranio-sacral therapy is usually best performed in comfortable, loose-fitting clothes, while a soft-tissue based massage usually works best with clothes off, and the entire body draped with a blanket except for the area being worked on at the moment.*

Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation

Deep Tissue/Myofascial/Swedish Massage

Castor Oil Packs

Lactation Support


In order to be accessible to a diverse group of clients, I offer a sliding scale.  The low-end of my sliding scale is $80, and the high end is $180.  The reason the range is so high is because I tend to take a long time with my clients, and also include follow up care, consultation, and instructions for no additional fee.  By providing a large range, I am able to treat an appropriate number of clients and provide good care for everyone.  Home visit clients, and clients who come to my home should generally expect 90 minutes for the entire visit, including set up, intake, treatment, and discussion afterwards.  If our visit includes any herbal consultation, or if it is an initial session it may be up to two hours. I do not check incomes or have an income scale.  I rely on clients to really pay what feels right for them, based on the time that we both put into the session, and what it is possible to pay.  Clients who can pay more help subsidize those who can pay less. I also see clients who are survivors of state violence and incarceration pro-bono on an ad-hoc basis based on my availability.  All paying clients help to subsidize that work.  I am happy to set a rate for you if that feels more comfortable, based on what time and resources I believe I will need for the work.

Other Locations!

In addition to seeing clients in their homes, I currently work in one other practice.  I do not set rates at this location, but can guarantee the same level of care and follow up.  If this location work best for you, you can book through their website. This practice is full of wonderful practitioners as well, if my schedule is not able to accommodate you. You can also see my Referrals page.

Red Moon Wellness (Park Slope, Brooklyn)
Saturdays 2-9PM