Transitions Fall 2018

In the last few days the air in New York has changed drastically, the new moon has come and gone, children have started school, and many are celebrating a new year.  Yesterday, September 9th, also marks the 47th anniversary of the Attica Prison uprisings, and the formal end of one of the largest prison strikes this country has experienced (although repression, support activities, and resistance is absolutely continuing).  We’re in the moment of change, when the prior state of being has certainly been transcended, but the next stage of struggle is not yet clear.  Many people refer to these moments, and this period of time as a type of “pregnancy”.  A period of imminence, where the future is  in the process of becoming, materially present, but incomprehensible.

I am extremely fortunate that in this time I am also, literally, pregnant! I am expecting a baby to be born in December of this year.  For many years I imagined what I would think about pregnancy–how I would feel, all the things I would do to make sure my unborn baby is physically and spiritually healthy, how my life would drastically shift.  But like any parent can tell you, bringing a new person into the world–whether through pregnancy or adoption or other means–is all about unpredictability.  This pregnancy showed up in an unexpected way at an unexpected time, and has shifted my life in ways I had no capacity to imagine before.  I am fortunate to have an incredibly supportive community and chosen family.

The gift of being in relationship to this new life, still in a state of imminence themself–very much there (especially in the middle of the night when I’m trying to sleep!) but completely incomprehensible–is that my perspectives on the world have shifted in ways that I was not able to conceive of in the past.  Being pregnant has undoubtedly made me feel more urgently about the need for a revolutionary transformation of society out of capitalism and into a world based on our needs, desires, and capacities, but it has also deeply grounded me in the sense that our struggle is multigenerational.  In times of deep anxiety about the world I am bringing this new person in to, I work hard to remind myself that I need to trust them and their peers. They will have new ideas that far surpass what I am able to imagine, and that while it is in many ways my job to protect them as much, they also are strong, smart, and likely much more capable of handling the world that is emerging than I ever will be.  It is already humbling on a level I have never experienced.

On a practical note, I will be starting parental leave November 8th, 2018.  I will likely return slowly, at the end of March/early April 2019.  I am also excited to pursue pediatric cranio sacral therapy in the late Summer of next year, if new parenthood allows. belly3While I am on leave I am happy to provide referrals, but please first check the Resources and Referrals part of my website.  It is sparse now, but will be fully updated by November when I go on leave with practitioners that I love, focussing on Queer, Trans, Black, Brown, and Indigenous healers, as well as written resources for self-care.

Looking forward to supporting all of you in your beautiful and hard immanence, and continuing to support revolutionary shifts in the world at large.


P.S. I am also moving this month!  We have not found a place yet, and any leads would be greatly appreciated!  I’m looking forward to having a space to grow my family and my practice.

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