Leaving Third Root, New Schedule

Hi dear clients and community!  I am sad to announce that today is my final day at Third Root Community Health Center on the regular schedule.  I’ve been at Third Root for almost a year, and have really loved my clients there!  I’ve made lasting friendships and community.  However, I am equally exciting to continue my journey and to use the (admittedly still too small!) time I will have to take care of myself and also open up more community clinical work.  I am also opening up my in-home practice.  I am happy to come to you and treat you at your home for cranio, pre-natal, or post-natal! Keep your eyes peeled for information on free massage/cranio clinics for survivors of state violence.  And check out my new schedule on the when/where page! You can always call or email me with any questions or for scheduling at a new location or in your home.

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