Summer Healing, New Hours, Herbs

Hi all! Well, its only 1o days until the summer solstice, but the heat, humidity, free stuff, and cycles of transition have hit New York City (as evidenced by the skylight in my Earth + Sky Healing Arts selfie!).  Its been a somber spring for myself, the world, anPhoto on 2016-06-11 at 12.22d many loved ones, but also a time of great transition.  The contradictions present in ourselves and the world at large continue to make themselves known and seek resolution (in case you missed it, hear me talk more about this on the wonderful podcast “Cozy Zone” in February).

For the summer, I’m extending my hours at Red Moon Wellness (see “When and Where” for more information), and also looking to take on more clients who are looking to be treated at home for a sliding scale who are survivors of state violence and repression.  I myself have faced state repression and currently work with the Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee to fight end the prison system with those most directly impacted.

In July (16th-31st), I’ll be headed to France to study herbal healing with Julia Graves and Jaquelin Guiteau.  I’ll be back in August and ready to practice more with herbal healing and flower essences.

I hope everyone is having a healing summer, and wish the most luscious transitions for all! I encourage those of us going through it this spring and summer to reach out for assistance and support at

Love, struggle, and healing,



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