Post-Inauguration Free Support

My dreams last night were haunted by the violence of the state, brutalizing people both for resisting, and for being out in the street enjoying themselves. This is a nightmare that exists in reality. I know many are planning to be in the streets this weekend. I also know from experience that some of the state’s favorite tools in NYC are their fists, batons, and knees. These can leave damage, including soft tissue and head trauma. If anyone faces any kind of injury this weekend, psychological or physical (or likely both), I want to invite you to get treated for free.  When I started thinking about practicing bodywork 5 years ago, it was with the intention of supporting those who defend against the violent and abusive system; I have been able to do this in small chunks, and want to continue with all I can.  We need each and everyone of us to be strong, healing, and supported.  I have opened up several time (click to book) slots on Sunday the 22, Monday the 23, Tuesday the 24, and Weds the 25.  If you need to come in but cannot find a time email me at cindysamanthalmt  (@) gmail . com  or call or text (929) 324-0769.

In love and struggle,


P.S. If you cannot find a time that works, or if you are looking for acupuncture or yoga, please look to Third Root Community Health Center, which is providing services at a donation rate through January 31st

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