New Schedule, Welcoming Darkness

Meet Astragalus, an important root that helps nourish our immune system all winter long!

For the past 3 months we have been patiently moving towards the longest nightof the year in imperceptible daily shifts away from the sun and towards the rest of the cosmos. In the distance from the light and in the stillness of increasing chill, the aerial parts of plants fall away and send their energy to their roots.  Late fall and winter are the best times for harvesting medicinal roots, and root vegetables are hearty and full of vitamins. Despite the outward appearance of death, winter time is actually an incredibly vital time for life-restoration, introspection, and healing to the the deepest, most unseen places. We humans have also been in deep contemplation, and significant preparation.  With just over 3 more months to go of more dark than light, the time is now for taking stock, gathering strength, and preparing for the battles and opportunities ahead.  The new year will build on the foundation of our unseen roots.

For me personally, this means a change in priorities and in schedule.  I am opening up my in-home practice in my new space in Flatbush (just around the corner from my old spot) that is filled with space, warmth, and light even in the darkest months. I am especially interested in taking cranio-sacral clients, as this work builds the strength of the whole human mechanism, and clients who want to integrate deep tissue, myofascial, and cranio/visceral techniques.  I also began this fall to study with the incredible Karen Rose of Sacred Vibes Apothecary, and the rest of the awe-inspiring apprentices.  Karen’s teachings are beyond words to describe, and rooted in upholding the practices especially of womyn of color.  I can’t say how blessed and honored I am to be allowed to enter this tradition.  In addition, I have opened up Tuesday evening hours at Earth & Sky Healing Arts, where I continue to provide CST, pre-and post natal deep tissue, and holistic bodywork along with flower essence work. I am also thrilled to still be at Red Moon Wellness, and am loving my work there.

Over the next year, I am hoping to develop my service work for people who are survivors of state violence, and am always looking to connect with others around that.  The work of organizing is consistent, and I am constantly inspired by those people who are incarcerated, families of incarcerated people, and people released from prison.  In these dark times they remind of the growth that can happen even in the most oppressive situations, a true testament to a revolutionary will to live.

As always, contact me via phone or email ( with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Here’s the dark days ahead, and the struggle that brings forth the light,


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