Who is dragging…

“Who is dragging this corpse around?” is one of the first zen Buddhist koans I learned.  It resonated with me deeply.

This page is to help you learn a bit more about me, and in particular to learn more about my philosophy of society and how that relates to my practice.  I will cover gender, race, capitalism, police and prisons, and healing in the form of a “Principles of Practice” in order to provide clients and my community with a basis for discussion and common understanding.  I am always happy to discuss these ideas, and they are always shifting!

Who is dragging this corpse?

I am a queer white person of Jewish descent, dedicated to liberation and healing for all beings, and in particular in uplifting and supporting those people who face systematic oppression in our society.  In my own journey, I have dealt with many types of ill-health in my self and my own family, and my ancestors have experienced complicated interactions with allopathic medicine.  This all has influenced my perspective as a practitioner.  I have also been an anti-capitalist organizer for many years, and remain dedicated to understanding the world and our relationship to it and one another.  I am working to be aware of my privilege as a white person with an advanced education, and to confront and end the ways that I may personally participate in silencing people of color healers and revolutionaries, as well as the structures within healing communities that further exploitation, colonization, and appropriation of Black, Brown, and Indigenous knowledge. I also hope my own unique path can help others who are seeking healing and a broader perspective on society at large, and am fortunate to have a diverse practice, in which I am constantly developing my competency and knowledge.

Principles of Practice Coming Soon!

  1. Capitalism
  2. Race
  3. Gender
  4. Police and Prisons
  5. The Body and “Healing”
  6. Colonization, Appropriation, and Exploitation