Late Summer Updates

Hi all!  I can’t believe it has been three weeks since I returned from 2 amazing weeks studying with Julia Graves and Jacquelin Guiteau.  The course was truly transformative, and I am forever grateful to Julia and Jackie, the plants, and my classmates.14045990_1630004433996149_8392750931530275433_n

Late August in New York is providing another form of transformation.  As flowers turn into fruits, and fruits prepare to plant their seeds in the earth, we are in the apex of abundance.  We are also cooling down, getting slower, and preparing to nest.  All of the personal and political struggles of the summer are taking new shape, as we enter September forever changed by the acts of terror in Europe, as well as in the US as committed by law enforcement here.  People have continued to fight back, and all across the United States on September 9th prisoners will be on strike.

This is a perfect time to get back to your body.  We must be clear in our own paths and minds to be the best warriors in this world; we must be endlessly compassionate and kind–to ourselves as well as others–to reach true collective transformation.  I’m happy to help anyone along that path, and as always make adjustments in compensation for people who need it, and for those who are survivors of state repression, violence, the prison system, and police brutality.

I will be working to take care of myself this fall as well, and will be reducing my work time a bit (although I will likely fill it up quickly!).  Starting in September, you can find me Sundays at my home in Flatbush (as well as other morning and evenings by arrangement), Fridays and Saturdays at Earth and Sky Healing Arts in Long Island City, and Wednesdays and Thursdays at Red Moon Wellness in Park Slope. If you see me in Flatbush or Long Island City I can promise you we will be experimenting with the powerful Lily Circle flower essences!

Love, struggle, and Healing,



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